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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Taking Your Small Child With You To Dinner? Know What They Need

by Andy Hill

As a new parent, you don't want to eat at home all the time. Taking your small child with you to a restaurant is important for developing their social skills and for you to get among the world. Sure, you don't want to go out every night, and if your child is a little rambunctious, you might be a little timid about taking them to a sit-down restaurant. However, if you know what the proper etiquette is, you can enjoy a nice meal with few disruptions to your meal, as well as other diners and the wait staff.

Consider Your Child's Age

Your child's age directly corresponds to their noise level, their behavior and how long they are willing to sit still at a table in a restaurant. A newborn likely sleeps for hours, so you can dine anywhere you like, provided you have the energy. If your child is a little older, with a shorter attention span and a desire to run or throw food, you may wish to choose a shorter and more casual dining experience.

Dine At the Right Time

Your children likely eat dinner fairly early, and this is the best time to take advantage of restaurants. Restaurants do not typically fill up until around 7 pm, so if you are able to dine earlier, the staff is more attentive. There are also fewer diners to disturb, should your little one desire to be a bit adventurous.

Also consider your child's nap times and what they have had to eat that day. It is much easier to dine out with a happy child than a grumpy one. Never take your child to out to eat when it is normally time for their nap.

Look For Kids Menus

Many restaurant, like Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille, offer a kids menu, and chances are they offer high chairs and booster seats as well, helping you contain your child. They also offer activities such as coloring sheets and crayons to stimulate your child's mind and motor skills, which smaller children want to use all the time.

If you happen to have a picky eater, it is easier to dine with a kids' menu since there are familiar foods for your child from pasta to chicken.

Consideration: Even with all the right planning, your child can get a little unruly in a restaurant, especially if it is busy. With so much going on, your child may get cranky and begin crying, or even screaming. If this happens, remove ypur child from the restaurant at once, and do what you can to soothe him or her. Then return to your table when you feel that you can enjoy your meal and others around you can as well.

Now that you know understand what your child needs when dining out, your experience, and that of others shouldn't be a negative one at all. Take cues from your child and only go out to eat when you're relatively sure that things will go smoothly.