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The Complete Restuarant Guide

3 Unique And Uncommon Pizza Styles

by Andy Hill

As delicious as they are, everyone knows about a Sicillian slice, New York style or Chicago deep dish pizzas. When it comes to pizza, there are tons of different types. Some are regional delicacies, while others have national renown, but may aren't just quite as relevant as the classic styles. Read on an discover a few unique and uncommon pizza styles.


Schiacciata is a style of pizza that actually hails from Italy, as opposed to the United States, where most styles tend to originate. Schiacciata literally translates to something like "squashed" and one look at this pizza can tell you why. This is a flattened pizza style, with the ingredients inside of the plain baked bread. Another hallmark of this style is that it does not make use of tomato sauce.

Philly Tomato Pie

One look at this slice and you might mistake it for a Sicillian slice. However, the Philly tomato pie is its own unique culinary experience. It is prepared in much the same way that a Sicillian pizza is: the dough is layered in a pan that makes its base and crust about an inch high, but the similarities end there. The only topping you will find on a Philly tomato pie is a thick, rich, tangy tomato sauce, although every now and then it will be garnished with just a hint of Parmesan cheese. Unlike normal pizza slices, tomato pies are often served in bakeries at room temperature, rather than piping hot and straight out of the oven like at pizzerias. This gives the tomato pie's sauce time to congeal, giving it a much richer flavor.

Pizza Di Orsfrigole

Much like the schiacciata style pizza, pizza di orsfrigole is another pie that has its origins in Italy and, much like schiacciata, it doesn't make use of tomato sauce. Rather, pizza di orsfrigole is a pizza that consists largely of kneaded flour, salt, and lard that, before the dough is congealed and baked, has pig parts added to the equation. This makes the pork essentially become part of the bread, rather than a simple topping. Pizza di orsfrigole is mainly known for being as delicious and filling as it is greasy and fatty and is often served in Italian pizzerias as a late night, post-bar snack.

Make your way to a local pizzeria, such as Original Italian Pizza Pa, that specializes in unique cuisine to see if they serve any of these uncommon styles – or perhaps a few that aren't listed here.