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The Complete Restuarant Guide

3 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Event Experience

by Andy Hill

There's nothing better than holding your warm summer evening event alfresco. Whether you're planning a birthday bash, an anniversary party, a graduation celebration, or a baby or bridal shower, a restaurant with a patio or courtyard, such as Hangar On the Wharf, can be the ideal venue. Not only will the food be taken care of, but your guests will be able to enjoy the setting while they celebrate, mix, and mingle. 

Before booking the event venue, ask the manager if you are able to customize the look of the space and bring your own table linens and decor. By doing so, you can personalize the space and elevate the event experience. 

Here are three ideas for decorating an outdoor restaurant for a party.

1. Table Linens

An easy way to transform a boring restaurant table is to have interesting linens. Instead of using the plain white tablecloths that the venue provides, use white lace ones to create a romantic vibe or vintage red-and-white checked cloths for a picnic-inspired feel.

You can also choose table linens to reflect the reason for the celebration, such as school colors for a graduation soiree or the wedding theme for a bridal party. Don't stop at the tablecloth, though: bring your own cloth napkins in coordinating colors as well. Choose napkin holders that complement the party theme, such as seashell-embellished versions for a beach-inspired bash.

2. Table Decor 

Another easy way to customize an outdoor restaurant venue is with creative table decor. For a rustic feel, fill canning jars with bouquets of wildflowers or daisies and place one display in the middle of each table as a centerpiece. Bouquets of white roses in elegant glass vases will add sophisticated for a bridal party, while bunches of lilacs, hydrangeas, or lilies will set the scene for a garden-themed soiree. 

As an alternative to flowers, you can use lighting elements to decorate the restaurant tables. Place flameless LED pillar candles in clear glass holders to cast a soft glow across a table. Place fillers such as colorful glass gems, pebbles, or seashells in the bottoms of the holders for a bit of pizzazz. 

3. Hanging Lanterns or String Lights 

If the restaurant patio or courtyard has trees with low-hanging branches nearby, ask if you can dress them up with colorful paper lanterns or elegant white string lights to give the space an ethereal feel. Suspend the LED lanterns from the limbs using transparent fishing line, or wrap the lights around the tree trunks for instant ambiance.