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The Complete Restuarant Guide

4 Chinese Restaurant Menu Options That Are Weight-Loss Friendly

by Andy Hill

If you love Chinese food but are currently trying to lose weight, you may think that you should not visit any Chinese restaurants until your weight-loss goals have been met. Weight loss is largely based on creating a caloric deficit. Although many items on a Chinese restaurant's menu may be over your caloric limit, there are options that are weight-loss friendly. Here are a few of them:

Eat wonton soup.

Broth-based soups, such as wonton soup, can help you feel satisfied without ingesting too many calories. Even if you are planning to select other menu items for an entree, consuming soup before your meal helps to partially fill your stomach.

Unlike creamy soups that are high in fat, broth-based soups are largely made from water and thus, contain fewer calories. Nevertheless, your stomach can only hold a set volume, and consuming the low-calorie soup will make sure there is little room for higher calorie dishes.

Choose entrees that are not fried.

There are many different entrees that include foods that are not fried. Some Chinese Classics, such as sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken, often have fried meats that are covered in a thick, heavy sauce. However, other dishes, such as beef and broccoli and chicken and vegetables, typically do not include fried meats. Additionally, these entrees can provide a healthy dose of vitamin-rich veggies that are low in calories. This can be especially helpful if in addition to watching your calories, you are attempting to lower your carbohydrate intake.

Choose steamed dumplings.

If you would like to select dumplings as an appetizer, choose the steamed variety. The taste is much less oily, and you don't incur a large amount of unnecessary fat calories.

Fats are more calorie dense than proteins or carbohydrates. This can be beneficial when you're consuming healthy fats because it can help improve your feeling of satiety. However, when fats are used to fry foods, they can cause you to ingest a large number of unneeded calories. The excess calories are stored as body fat.

Drink water with your meal.

Although many Chinese restaurants offer delicious teas among their beverage options, drinking water with your meal can help prevent you from increasing your caloric intake through sweet beverages. Many people can drink a large number of calories before they even realize it.

To find Chinese dishes that fit with your current diet plan, visit a local Chinese restaurant like Empress Express.