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The Complete Restuarant Guide

3 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Absolutely Must Try

by Andy Hill

Chinese food is popular in every state, but what is considered Chinese food in America is not exactly what Chinese chefs have in mind when preparing their endemic cuisine. Authentic Chinese food ranges from rich, beefy dishes to elegant seafood dishes to refreshing vegetable based cuisine. Read on and discover just a few authentic Chinese dishes that you should definitely try. Make your way to a local Chinese restaurant that specializes in authentic cuisine or try your own hand at constructing one of these delicious dishes.


Sanbeiji is a dish that is often romanized as "three cup chicken." This is due to the fact that it is made with a variety of different sauces, often times three. Hailing from the province of Jiangsu, sanbeiji is often times considered a dish that combines the best of a series of different regions of China – namely, the sweetness that is considered a hallmark of Jiangsu, along with the spicy, numbing factor of Sichuan dishes. The seasonings generally used in this dish consist of lard, rice wine, and soy sauce. This makes the dish quite hearty, and the heavy sauce used is usually sauteed into a thick, red, viscous treat.

Sanxian Doupi

From Hubei, sanxian doupi can best be described as a breakfast lasagna. This traditional meal is essentially a stuffing. It includes egg, pork, rice, and pork that are placed in between two pieces of hearty tofu skin and then pan fried. It is served as caramelized brown treat that is crunchy, flaky, yet somehow soft in the middle section. Its texture can best be described as existing somewhere between flaky hash browns and glutinous pancakes.

Songshu Guiyu

If you're looking for a scrumptious seafood dish, you should look no further than songshu guiyu. Although Jiangsu is generally renowned for its desserts and sweets, this fish based dish is quite famous in China. At first glance, it is mainly known for the fact that the cut of the fish is carved to actually resemble a squirrel, with the the upward curve of the fish's mouth meant to represent its tail. The entirety of the fish is deep fried and then soaked from head to tail with an incredibly hot sweet and sour sauce. The crackling sound of the sauce being poured over the deep fried fish sounds high pitched and staccato, which resembles the sounds that a squirrel could very well make.

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