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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Must-Have Restaurant Equipment For Brunch Service

by Andy Hill

Whether you run a catering company that offers brunch menus or your restaurant holds a brunch buffet, having the right equipment can make it easy for your staff to serve up delicious dishes to your guests. Here is a selection of the must-have restaurant and catering equipment you need to pull of the perfect brunch service.

Belgian Waffle Irons

Some buffets let guests make their own waffles, while many catering companies will make waffles to order. Having a few waffle irons in your setup makes it easy to prepare these brunch staples. You can make them with just the plain batter, or you can offer add-ins, such as berries or even bacon.

Roll-Top Chafers

Roll-top chafers are heated pans with covers that you can use to serve your brunch staples. You should have at least one for every type of food you will be serving, such as sausage, hash browns and pancakes. Consider having two chafers available for more popular menu items like scrambled eggs and bacon, so your staff doesn't have to refill the chafers as often.

Cereal Dispensers

Cereal dispensers are a must for brunch service, especially if you expect to have kids present at meal service. You'll need one for every type of cereal you serve. Have a few healthy cereal options and at least two colorful cereals that appeal to kids. Be sure to keep milk close by so your guests can prepare their bowls.

Heated Soup Containers

You might not be planning on serving soup at brunch, but these versatile containers are ideal for use with oatmeal and breakfast gravy. Since they can be used for soups as well, they make a great addition to your overall equipment collection.

Pastry Displays

Open-shelved pastry displays can be used for donuts, rolls, biscuits, scones and other breakfast treats. These should be placed near the cereal and other foods that don't need to be kept hot. This makes it easier for anyone who wants to grab a quick meal to go. Keep tongs available for people to select their pastries, and consider keeping small plates or bakery bags next to the displays for people to place their selections.

Coffee Containers

When it comes to serving coffee, there are lots of options available to you. You can serve coffee in air pots, thermal carafes or in traditional coffee pots. The style you choose will depend on how many customers you expect to serve during brunch. Be sure to place creamer, half and half, milk and sugar in the same area so people can make each cup of coffee to their specifications.

With the right restaurant equipment, your restaurant or catering service can deliver the foods your guests want for brunch.