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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Sing A Song Of Singaporean Cuisine: 3 Dishes From Singapore You Must Absolutely Try

by Andy Hill

A tiny country located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is, in many ways, considered a crossroads of Asian culture. The politics, arts, and cuisine all tend to borrow from other Asian nationalities and cultures but congeal into an entity that is distinctly Singaporean. The food is truly something else. It is a hodgepodge of everything that makes Asian cuisine delicious. Read on and discover just a few dishes from Singapore that you must absolutely try! Whether you're in the country itself, you've found a caterer that specializes in Singaporean cuisine, or you just want to try your own hand at making one of these dishes, make sure you give at least one of these dishes a taste.

Chili Crab

This dish is considered one of several of Singapore's national dishes, so it is one that you must absolutely try if you find yourself in the country. This dish uses black mud crab, which are endemic to Singapore, which are then cooked in a viscous chili-blended sauce that combines the flavors of saltiness, sweetness, and just a tiny hint of sour. Sometimes egg is added to the base to make it a bit richer, while other versions employ even more blended chilies for added spiciness. After the crabs have marinated in this sauce a while, blended black pepper is placed on top, which is congealed to the dish by the addition of melted butter.

Bak Kut Teh

The literal translation of this dish is "pork bone tea," which is due to the fact that a strong tea is usually consumed with this dish to wash down a bit of the greasiness involved. This soup dish is made by placing pork ribs in boiling water and adding garlic and pepper into the mix. When the pork becomes so tender that it is falling off the bone, that is when it is time to serve this Singaporean comfort food. It is traditionally served with several Chinese sides, including rice and braised tofu.


Murtabak is an Arabian food, but has found new life in Singapore as a delicious dish you will often find served by street vendors. It is a dumpling dish that is constructed by filling up thin dough with spices, meats, and onions after a cracked egg is spread on the inside of the dough. It is then wrapped up and cooked with hot oil until it reaches a state where it is nice, crispy and golden brown. In Singapore, murtabak is also served with a traditional Indian style curry on the side.

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