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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Vegetarian Options When You Go To A Fine Dining Restaurant With Friends

by Andy Hill

When you are a vegetarian, it can be difficult to go out to dinner with friends who are carnivores.  Fine dining restaurants that cater to those that love meat and seafood, usually create at least one dish that is suitable for vegetarians. Especially when you also do not eat seafood, finding a meal that you will love in a luxury restaurant may take some investigation.

Ask About Pasta Dishes

If there is one dish you can usually count on is a pasta dish at a fine dining restaurant.  If you are going out with friends and you aren't sure about the restaurant, you can call ahead to see what types of vegetarian dishes they may offer. Even a steak house will usually create a pasta dish with fresh vegetables if you ask. If you aren't a vegetarian that eats seafood, make sure that the pasta dish doesn't include any seafood. Some restaurants don't make the distinction between a vegetarian that doesn't eat seafood and one that does.

Creating Your Own Meal with Side Dishes

You have a number of vegetarian options to choose from if you get creative, even at a fine dining restaurant.  Take a look at the salads and side dishes. Don't be afraid to make a meal out of your favorite sides or appetizers. This way you will be able to enjoy a meal with your friends, even if the restaurant chosen doesn't cater to vegetarians. It can be difficult being a vegetarian when your friends don't really understand what it means. People might make a big deal out of choosing a restaurant, and you just have to let them know that you will be able to find a meal to eat no matter where you go.

Let Your Friends Know You'll Find Something Great

One of the hardest things about dining out with friends who have different dietary needs can be feeling embarrassed about being the center of attention. Friends will often start asking you questions, or pointing out potential meal options. When you are a vegetarian, you can remind your friends that you often find foods that you love no matter where you go to eat. Reassure the people you are going out to dinner with that you will find something great, and you aren't worried about your meal choices.

When you are going out to a fine dining restaurant (like HP Cafe Sedona) with friends, remember that enjoying the company of your friends should be more important than the food you are eating.