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The Complete Restuarant Guide

How To Make Life Easy For Your Delivery Driver

by Andy Hill

Getting pizza delivered to your home could arguably be one of the better aspects of civilized life. You don't have to worry about grease stains on your car seats, and you don't have to deal with planning a small trip to the pizzeria to get your order. But your delivery person is a person, after all, and how you treat the delivery person at your door can make all the difference in his or her life.

Have Your Payment Ready and as Exact as Possible

Your driver may be trying to deliver more than one order when he or she shows up, so please don't delay the driver by fumbling for change. Have your money ready to go (or your credit card or coupons, if those are what you're using) and try to make the amount as exact as possible. As the night goes on, the driver might have less and less change when delivering several orders. You do want to include things like the tip, but overall, get as close to exact change as you can.

Please Tip Your Driver Appropriately

Tipping the pizza delivery driver is the subject of a surprising number of debates because of all the variables involved. Traffic, bad driving, obstacles in the way of the driver, complicated orders, huge orders, and bad weather are among the many things that affect how much to tip. Serious Eats presents a nice tipping tree that you can use to determine the amount of tip you give the driver. For example, $3 minimum for a basic order, at least 10 percent for large orders (and not just a large pizza, mind you), and another $1 or $2 if the weather has been really bad.

Warn the Pizza Place of Any Unusual Issues When You Order

From security gates with inoperable intercoms to nasty construction detours, if there is anything unusual going on that could affect how quickly your pizza is delivered, tell the pizza place when you order—and don't just mention it right before you hang up. You want your pizza nice and hot? You've got to do your part, which is to make sure the delivery person can actually get to you safely. It's the delivery person's job to bring you the pizza within a certain amount of time under reasonable circumstances.

If you've got any more questions about how to make pizza delivery go as smoothly as possible, ask the local pizzeria when you call to place an order. Building a great relationship with the local pizza place is not something you want to take for granted. For more information, contact local professionals like Chuck's Pizza.​