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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Seafood Is A Great Nutritional Choice For Those Into Fitness Boxing

by Andy Hill

White collar boxing is the nickname given to boxing workout programs that cater to working professionals. While not as intense as amateur or pro training, "executive boxing" sessions are designed to push people to their limit through an equipment-based training workout.Those unfamiliar with boxing training soon discover they must select meals properly before heading over to the gym or else stamina is going to falter. Seafood restaurants do not automatically come to mind when thinking about boxing nutrition, but these eateries are near perfect choices for those in need of performance and recovery foods.

The Right Pre-Workout Foods Choices

Protein and carbohydrates are very helpful to ingest prior to a workout session at the boxing gym. Carbs provide muscle fuel and protein preserves muscle from being burned up for added fuel. Drinking a smoothie made from non-fat milk and filled with carbohydrate heavy yogurt might seem like a reliable pre-workout drink, but it really is not. The dairy could end up undermining stamina immensely. Consider it wiser to seek out real food and consume that instead. A local seafood restaurant may have the perfect choices to select from provided you know what to purchase. A hamburger on wheat bread may seem like a good idea, but it really isn't. Red meat is really going to weigh someone down during a session.

The Seafood Wrap Pre-Workout Option

A crab meat and shrimp wrap would be great prior to a workout. Shrimp and crab both have a significant amount of protein. The wrap is a good source of carbohydrates. Choosing a tomato or spinach wrap would be beneficial for those looking to add additional vitamins and nutrients to the meal. The wrap is also a good post-workout selection since the body is going to need protein for recovery. The vegetable wraps  feed the body a host of nutrients and vitamins that may be lost due to workout perspiration.

Post-Workout Choices

Protein-rich fish are always going to be good choices for post-workout exercise sessions. Certain fish, however, are better choices after a physically hard and punishing boxing workout. Baked salmon would be a solid choice since this fish is noted for muscle recovering supporting anti-inflammatory benefits. Grilled flounder is another great source of protein. Flounder is also extremely helpful for muscle repair.

No matter what type of fish is ordered, go with steamed, backed, or broiled cooking choices. Fried fish, while commonplace on menus, is not going to be preferable for boxing enthusiasts wishing to maximize healthy benefits.