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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Clueless About Vietnamese Cuisine? Here's 4 Amazing Things To Try Out

by Andy Hill

Many people are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. It doesn't have the ubiquitous presence in most neighborhoods that Chinese restaurants have. Also, it didn't have the same push that Japanese food had due to the popularity of hibachi cooking technique and the overwhelming success of sushi in the United States. However, that might change once people start eating Vietnamese food. Ask anyone who lives in a city with a thriving Vietnamese community, and they will attest that the food is amazing. It's also quite different than Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian cuisines. Here's four things to try the next time you order Vietnamese cuisine.


Pho might just be the most popular dish in any Vietnamese restaurant. It spread around the world due to the Vietnamese refugees fleeing the war. They brought with them their favorite hometown soup. The soup is a made by creating a broth of beef, oxtails, and bones. This is then flavored with spices and herbs such as cardamom, ginger, and pepper. Finally, rice noodles are added. The touch of cardamom, along with some other spices not frequently used in Chinese cooking, differentiates this from a noodle soup you might find in a Chinese restaurant.

Gui Cuon

These are similar to spring rolls. They are made by cooking prawns, and then wrapping the prawns in a delicate rice paper. The gui cuon are always served with a spicy dipping sauce. The sauce is often fish based and spiced with garlic and peppers. The sauce is very important, as the rolls themselves are not super flavorful. The sauce takes a long time and requires sautéing garlic and herbs, reducing peanut butter and pork broth, and letting the ingredients reduce until it is thick and spicy.

Banh Mi

This is a delicious sandwich which can be traced back to the period of French colonialism. The bread used in making the sandwich is a French-style baguette. Another ingredient that can be traced back to European-style cooking is mayo, which is not something that you would find in most Asian cooking. These ingredients were then fused with traditional foods popular in Vietnam, such as daikon, Vietnamese-style pork sausage, and duck eggs. If you like the New-Orleans-style Po Boy, or just love hero-style sandwiches, then you should definitely try this one out. It's a great example of an Asian sandwich, which is unique to Vietnamese culture.

Ca Phe

What better way to finish off your meal then with a sweet, dark-roast coffee? The Ca Phe can be served either hot or cold. It's made with a very dark-roast, Vietnamese coffee bean. When the coffee is done brewing, a sweet, condensed milk is added.

For more information, contact a restaurant that offers Vietnamese food delivery in your area.