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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Why You Should Try A Donut Burger

by Andy Hill

If there's a restaurant in your area that specializes in beef burgers, you can expect that its menu will have staples such as hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Almost certainly, the menu will also include a wide variety of other burgers that may catch your attention. Some burger restaurants have dozens of different burger options on the menu, and it can be fun to browse your options to find one that stands out. One option that you'll find at many burger restaurants is a donut burger. This is a burger that uses a sliced glazed donut in place of the bun. Here are some reasons to try a donut burger when you come across one.

Combination Of Tastes

One of the things that you'll quickly realize when you bite into a donut burger for the first time is how you're getting to enjoy a combination of tastes that isn't present in most burgers. Most burger buns have a gentle flavor, but using a glazed donut in place of the bun adds a source of sweetness that can be exciting. Burgers often have slightly salty toppings — cheese, bacon, and other ingredients can each add somewhat of a salty taste. The combination of salty and sweet is highly favorable, providing a pair of tastes that you won't get from other burgers.

More Filling

A glazed donut will almost always have more calories than a conventional burger bun. If you're the type of person who occasionally has a big appetite and you want to be sure that you're completely full after your meal, you should consider a donut burger. This is a type of burger that is immensely filling. There's little chance that you'll need to have dessert after you finish your last bite of the burger.

Appealing Photo Op

The unique nature of a donut burger can be exciting for you and for everyone at your table. Even if you're not the type of person who frequently takes photos of your food at restaurants, you might not be able to resist snapping a shot or two of this unique-looking burger on the plate in front of you. If you choose to share the photo on your social media, don't be surprised to receive a lot of excited comments about your meal. Look online to find a burger restaurant in your area and browse its online menu to see if it offers one or more donut burgers. Look into beef burgers for more information.