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The Complete Restuarant Guide

3 Different Ways To Order Italian Greens Morelle At A Restaurant

by Andy Hill

In the 1980s, Italian restaurants all over the United States began showcasing an appetizer known as the greens Morelle or Utica greens. Named after the chef who created the dish, the meal became widespread after gaining praise from restaurant patrons and is still a staple at many Italian restaurants today.

As you skip the traditional salad and go for a greens Morelle instead, learn some of the different ways to order the dish the next time you dine out at an Italian restaurant.

1. Clean & Green

Order the greens Morelle in a traditional basic style. With this method, the greens you order get sauteed in some oil and garlic to really bring out the flavors. The restaurant will often choose which greens to use with the meal, but you can expect common types to include escarole or arugula.

Once cooked, the leafy greens get topped with bread crumbs and served. When served hot, you can enjoy the warmth of the meal while still enjoying the fresh tastes of the greens that were just cooked. You could order an individual appetizer plate or a platter for the table to share. 

2. Meat & Potatoes

If you want a more hearty version of greens Morelle that you could turn into a full meal, then look for menus that include meat and potatoes in the dish. The meats could vary but may include Italian specialties like prosciutto or sausage. The potatoes often come diced and really soak in the other flavors of the dish.

The addition of meat and potatoes can make the meal really filling and an ideal option for your main order.

3. Extra Cheese

A traditional greens Morelle may feature cheeses like parmesan or mozzarella, but you also have the opportunity to order the dish with some extra cheese added. A mix of Italian cheeses can add a lot of flavors to the meals and create some delicious meal options. In some cases, the extra cheeses are included in the menu listing.

In other cases, you have the opportunity to add your own cheeses to the dishes. You could request a current listing of the cheeses available and then pick a few to mix in with the dish. The cheeses often melt down to add a lot of creamy flavors and textures along with the unique textures of the greens. The bread crumbs help tie the whole dish together.

Check out local Italian restaurant menus to see what type of greens Morelle menu options you have available to order.