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The Complete Restuarant Guide

Family-Style Dining: What Is It And How Do You Enjoy It?

by Andy Hill

If you see a restaurant that advertises "family-style dining" or "family-style service," you may not immediately know what that is. Family-style restaurants are not all that common. The name may lead you to believe you'd only want to eat there if you were with your family. This is not entirely true. Here's a closer look at what family-style restaurants really are, what they offer, and some tips to follow if you do decide to dine at one.

What is family-style dining? 

The term "family-style dining" does not suggest anything about the type of food that the restaurant serves. Instead, it notes the way in which the food will be served. Rather than being brought out on individual plates, the food will be brought out in larger bowls or on larger plates from which people can serve themselves. In other words, sharable portions of each dish will be placed on the table, and each diner will be given a plate. You dine by passing the dishes around and helping yourself to the dishes you want.

When is family-style dining a good choice?

Most family-style restaurants are kid-friendly and do attract a lot of business from families. Bringing your kids to a family-style restaurant can be really nice since it means you won't have to pay extra for kids' meals. Plus, you can order a variety of dishes, helping to ensure pickier kids will find something to eat. But family-style dining can also be a good choice if you're with a few friends. It gives everyone a chance to try a few different dishes, rather than everyone having just one entree. It can be fun to all try the same dishes and talk about them. 

How can you make the most out of family-style dining?

To enjoy this type of restaurant to the fullest, make sure you order enough. If you're not sure whether you've selected enough dishes, ask your server. They can let you know what is typical for a party your size. Another tip is to order a couple of dishes you're confident you like, plus a couple of dishes that are new or different. This way, you get to experiment and expand your palate a little, but you also have the assurance of knowing you have something you'll definitely enjoy.

The next time you see a family dining restaurant, you'll have a better idea of what to expect. Visit a local dine-in family-style restaurant to learn more.