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If you enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants, you'll find a lot of interesting information in this blog. My name is Patsy Rogers and my husband and I love going to different restaurants and eating a variety of foods. Every Saturday we eat at a different restaurant and many times we travel several miles to try a new place. We do a lot of research to find the best eating establishments and then we make plans to visit that location. In this blog, you'll learn how to find the best restaurants in your area, how to make smart menu selections and the proper etiquette for eating out. You'll also learn about the many different kinds of cuisine from around the world. I hope that you enjoy reading all about restaurants and that this blog helps to enhance your dining experience.

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The Complete Restuarant Guide

    Planning A Birthday Party For A Picky Eater? What To Know

    If you are looking to host a birthday party at a restaurant for a very picky eater, but you aren't sure what they will eat or if you can find a restaurant that will suit everyone's palate, there are a few things to consider. Before planning the event be sure that you can bring in a desert if needed, and that you can get meal options to accommodate everyone.  Here are a few things you want to do before you it down and find out that your birthday dinner is a bust.

    Clueless About Vietnamese Cuisine? Here's 4 Amazing Things To Try Out

    Many people are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. It doesn't have the ubiquitous presence in most neighborhoods that Chinese restaurants have. Also, it didn't have the same push that Japanese food had due to the popularity of hibachi cooking technique and the overwhelming success of sushi in the United States. However, that might change once people start eating Vietnamese food. Ask anyone who lives in a city with a thriving Vietnamese community, and they will attest that the food is amazing.

    Seafood Is A Great Nutritional Choice For Those Into Fitness Boxing

    White collar boxing is the nickname given to boxing workout programs that cater to working professionals. While not as intense as amateur or pro training, "executive boxing" sessions are designed to push people to their limit through an equipment-based training workout.Those unfamiliar with boxing training soon discover they must select meals properly before heading over to the gym or else stamina is going to falter. Seafood restaurants do not automatically come to mind when thinking about boxing nutrition, but these eateries are near perfect choices for those in need of performance and recovery foods.

    How To Make Life Easy For Your Delivery Driver

    Getting pizza delivered to your home could arguably be one of the better aspects of civilized life. You don't have to worry about grease stains on your car seats, and you don't have to deal with planning a small trip to the pizzeria to get your order. But your delivery person is a person, after all, and how you treat the delivery person at your door can make all the difference in his or her life.

    Vegetarian Options When You Go To A Fine Dining Restaurant With Friends

    When you are a vegetarian, it can be difficult to go out to dinner with friends who are carnivores.  Fine dining restaurants that cater to those that love meat and seafood, usually create at least one dish that is suitable for vegetarians. Especially when you also do not eat seafood, finding a meal that you will love in a luxury restaurant may take some investigation. Ask About Pasta Dishes If there is one dish you can usually count on is a pasta dish at a fine dining restaurant.

    Tips For Taking Tantalizing Food Photos At A Restaurant

    In today's digital age, taking photos of your food and uploading them to social media is a common occurrence. If you've often enjoyed looking at the food snapshots of your online friends, and you've decided that you want to start taking these photos during your next restaurant visit, it's more than just grabbing your smartphone and clicking away. Taking mouthwatering photos of your food that stand out requires a careful approach beyond the standard tip of making sure that the photo is in focus.

    How To Grill Some Juicy Chicken This Summer

    Grilled chicken is just as much a summer classic as a burger fresh off the grill. However, it can be tough to grill a chicken perfectly. It is way too easy to end up with a grilled chicken that is dry and way too tough. Here are a few tricks to grilling juicy chicken on your charcoal grill this summer. Create A Two Area Coal Fire  The first thing you need to do is add some charcoal to your grill and light them up.

    Sing A Song Of Singaporean Cuisine: 3 Dishes From Singapore You Must Absolutely Try

    A tiny country located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is, in many ways, considered a crossroads of Asian culture. The politics, arts, and cuisine all tend to borrow from other Asian nationalities and cultures but congeal into an entity that is distinctly Singaporean. The food is truly something else. It is a hodgepodge of everything that makes Asian cuisine delicious. Read on and discover just a few dishes from Singapore that you must absolutely try!