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If you enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants, you'll find a lot of interesting information in this blog. My name is Patsy Rogers and my husband and I love going to different restaurants and eating a variety of foods. Every Saturday we eat at a different restaurant and many times we travel several miles to try a new place. We do a lot of research to find the best eating establishments and then we make plans to visit that location. In this blog, you'll learn how to find the best restaurants in your area, how to make smart menu selections and the proper etiquette for eating out. You'll also learn about the many different kinds of cuisine from around the world. I hope that you enjoy reading all about restaurants and that this blog helps to enhance your dining experience.

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The Complete Restuarant Guide


Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Eating Pizza

Pizza is a tasty and convenient food that is a favorite dish for many people. Unfortunately, some people are disinclined to eat pizza because they make inaccurate assumptions about this popular food option.  Don't forego a delicious pizza dinner because you're misinformed about this classic food. The following are six things that you shouldn't assume when it comes to eating pizza.  Pizza is an unhealthy food One of the most inaccurate assumptions you shouldn't be making about pizza is that it has to be unhealthy.

Mamma Mia! Why Italian Catering Can Be A Hit At Your Next Event

Food is one of the most important parts of almost any event, and you may be wondering what you should serve to your guests. Italian catering can be your food solution at your next event, and your food selection can include classic Italian favorites that your guests are sure to love.  Real Food Without the Imitations Frozen lasagna, canned spaghetti, or pizza from a second-rate pizza chain likely won't cut it at your event, and you can make your guests happier by ordering Italian catering that comes with many of the finest foods.

Why You Should Try A Donut Burger

If there's a restaurant in your area that specializes in beef burgers, you can expect that its menu will have staples such as hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Almost certainly, the menu will also include a wide variety of other burgers that may catch your attention. Some burger restaurants have dozens of different burger options on the menu, and it can be fun to browse your options to find one that stands out.